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I’m Sorry You Didn’t Win

How often have you seen a pop up stating something like this:


Probably more times than you’ve watched that video of the sneezing baby panda.  Well I hate to be the barer of bad news but you didn’t win. Anytime that they have told that you’ve won a new smartphone or a holiday or cold hard cash money. It’s a scam, a trick. (Apologies for the redundant statement but it’s pretty important that everyone understands what I mean here.)   How can we know this? How do we know that every time it is a scam? How can we know that the Prince of Nigeria doesn’t want to send you money or that you haven’t somehow won the Spanish lottery?

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“Unless you have been living in a distant galaxy, I suppose you know the 21st of December 2012 is the “end of the world”, according to the Mayan calendar.”

How can we work out if this prediction is True or False?

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Dots and Lines of Evidence

The below large, but interesting, image illustrates the process of gathering evidence from experimentation, to creating theories that explain the evidence, refining the evidence through more experimentation, and goes through the process of elimination, just so we can focus on a theory that best explains the evidence we’re presented with.

Can you name all the aspects of a scientific inquiry?
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